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Community Dialogue Presentation, AFSC, Fresno, CA

  • Falls Event Center 4105 W Figarden Dr Fresno, CA (map)

This round of platicas (community dialogues) is open to the public and provides space for engaging in dialogue about current affairs impacting immigrants, refugees and all people of color as a result of the negative rhetoric and criminalizing policies promoted by the current administration.

Platica #4
U.S. History of Exclusion
(Photo Exhibit Room)

This platica will provide spaces to share the immigration history of exclusion experienced by different communities in the Central Valley, including the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, the Japanese internment camps during World War II, and the currently policies like the building of a wall and the Muslim ban.

Facilitator: Mario Sifuentez, Associate Professor of History, UC Merced

Presenters: Native American: Helen Coats; African American: Professor Kehinde Solwasi; Chinese Exclusion Act: Professor Franklin Ng; Japanese Internment Camp: Saburo Masada, Brynn Saito; Muslim Ban: Wasan Abu-Baker, TCOFP alumna; Building the Wall: Pedro Rios, AFSC San Diego Program