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The Writer's Studio in Modesto, CA

After a break for the summer, the Writer's Studio is back with luminary poet Brynn Saito, who will talk to us about her second full-length collection, POWER MADE US SWOON, which chronicles the journey of a Woman Warrior figure as well as the writer's own ancestors, who shift from Korea and Japan to Fresno to the Japanese internment camp in Manzanar and back.

If you've never heard of the Writer's Studio before, here's the deal: we're a reading series hosted by Dana Koster and Tri-Chromatic Gallery. As former writing lecturer at Cornell and professional poet, Dana missed the literary discourse and inspiring readings of University life. To recapture that spark, she started the Writer's Studio, a semi-regular series that focuses on one writer and begins with an in-depth interview about that writer's work and life, followed by an intimate reading. 

Doors open at 7:00 for wine and snacks and mingling, with book signing and audience Q&A to take place at the end. The Writer's Studio is for non-writers, new writers and seasoned writers alike! Come light up your mind! Come be inspired by the art of writing, the insightful conversation and the incredible gallery space!