Books & Selected Online Works

Power Made Us Swoon (Red Hen Press, 2016)

“It is not easy to be austerely uncertain and open-hearted at the same time, but Brynn Saito pulls it off beautifully. These strong poems are a reckoning imbued with a peculiarly western American light, gathered out of the very air between the farm towns of the Central Valley and the internment camp at Manzanar. It is a light loyal to acceptance."

— David Rivard

The Palace of Contemplating Departure (Red Hen Press, 2013)

“This is a sacred internal travel, carving its mighty shadow on the world. How vibrant is the voice of Brynn Saito; how angelic, bestial, seductive, and divine. An offering of the highest order, written in sanctuary, a promise on the tongue, a litany of urgent prayers.”

— Tina Chang

Bright Power, Dark Peace (Diode Editions, 2016) 

“Readers are guided through the ruins of a city, and perhaps a society. In this exquisite collaboration, from the ruins are the possibilities. From the unsalvageable, what will save. The magic of Saito and Brimhall’s lyricism returns what was thought to be lost into what is, for certain, miraculous.”

— Oliver de la Paz

Poems & Essays Online



"Stone in the Desert Camp, 1942" in The San Francisco Chronicle (video of reading)

"February 19, 1942" in Waxwing Literary Journal

"Theses on the Philosophy of History" in Waxwing Literary Journal

"River Through" in Poemeleon

"November 9, 2016" in Waxwing Literary Journal

"Things I Never Knew I Loved" in Discover Nikkei

"The Palace of Contemplating Departure

"How to Prepare the Mind for Lightning," in (with audio)

"Who Ate Fire" in the East Bay Review (nominated for Best of the Net)

"Stone on Watch at Dawn" in the NY Times.

Woman Warrior poems in The Normal School

"Elegy with a Blue Wing" in Muzzle (audio included); nominated for Sundress Best of the Net Anthology

"Match" in Verse Daily

"Stone" in Southern Indiana Review

3 poems at Connotation Press: An Online Artifact

"Mercy Me" in Waccamaw

"Trembling on the Brink of a Mesquite Tree" in Verse Daily

"Avignon, Early Summer," in Virginia Quarterly Review

"Winter, Ithaca," in Virginia Quarterly Review

"Alma, 1942" in Hyphen Magazine (audio only)

"Like Any Good American" in's Poem-A-Day

"Shape of Fire," in Verse Daily 



 "Army of Monk" in Killing the Buddha

"Peace, Bells, Cuttings: Bravery, Energy, and Emotion in Poetry," in The Drunken Boat




The Collagist

2 more in diode

"On Collaboration" in 32 Poems